Флексопечатные машины планетарного типа для пленки

Flexible packaging film producers prefer Turret Unwind/Rewind sytems for non-stop printing process for high tonnage supreme quality image results. Remak’s GL Series with their exclusive Non-geared , servo-drivers maintain the efficient and high quality results even for our hard to satisfy customers.


Important Properties

  • 6,8,10 different color choices
  • Cast iron robust body construction of our GL series with gearless drive units, reduces vibration and allows for best quality printing
  • 500 m/min production speed
  • Easy and fast sleeve changing ability
  • Automatic bobbin changing at minimum period thanks to non-stop double turret unwind/rewind mechanism
  • Minimum waste in between colors by automatic register adjustment system
  • Operator friendly pneumatic drive Doctor Blade unit
  • Customisable width and print repeat process

Technical Specifications

6,8,10 color single surface printing (6+0) ,(8+0), (10+0)
Print width: 800-1600 mm (customisable)
Print repeat: 400-850 mm (customisable)
Production speed: 500 m/min
Pressure roller: sleeve type
Ceramic anylox: sleeve type
Pneumatically adjusted Doctor Blade system
Ink pump system driven by frequency changeable motors
Process adjustments by recipe basis
Limitless process memory registering possibility
Drying system with frequency changable drives, realised by hot air blow and exhaust systems, placed in tunnel and in between colors
Position register adjustment sidewise with automatic servo motor unit
Position register adjustment lengthwise with automatic servo motor unit
Bobbin changing at high speeds with non-stop double turret unwind/rewind system
Bobbin diameter max. 1000 mm (unwind/rewind)
Automatic material stretch monitoring
Automatic Camberoller type edge control pre print and pre rewindind
Options: Automatic viscosity control unit
Automatic washing unit
Corona unit
Anti Static unit